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Orthodontics (Adults and Children)

At South Boston Dental Associates, our orthodontist has extensive experience treating patients from age six through adulthood, and will be able to provide you or your child with a personalized treatment plan.

Some of the dental and facial irregularities that orthodontics can correct include crowding or spacing of teeth, an improper bite (malocclusion), narrow or mismatched jaws, or congenitally missing or extra teeth. There is a wide range of treatment options and appliances used for correction, based on the patient's age, diagnosis and specific needs.

Early Treatment (6-10 years)

Orthodontic intervention is sometimes needed in children as young as six years, well before all adult teeth have erupted. Certain dental irregularities such as narrow jaws and crossbites are best corrected at an early age while a child is actively growing. Early treatment can help prevent the need for extraction of permanent teeth and reduce the likelihood of impacted teeth. The orthodontist can also recognize developmental abnormalities such as mouth breathing or tongue thrust patterns, which are often related to airway obstruction (i.e. enlarged tonsils/adenoids). Left untreated, these patterns may not only severely impact a child's health, but can also negatively affect facial development. The orthodontist can recognize such abnormalities and recommend orthodontic intervention or refer to an appropriate medical specialist for further analysis.

Preteen and Teen Orthodontics (10-18 years)

Not all children require early orthodontic intervention. In many cases, orthodontic treatment is not needed until all permanent teeth are partially or fully erupted. A thorough evaluation of your child's teeth and bite will determine the need, timing and type of treatment to be recommended. Although traditional braces are usually the best treatment option for patients at this age, some teenage patients might be candidates for clear aligner therapy.

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and several options are available for adults seeking a better smile or an improved bite and function. Clear aligners trays are available for adults with minor corrective needs. If traditional braces are needed, clear (metal free) braces are barely noticeable and can be used to treat many conditions.

We’re happy to welcome you into our practice to discuss how we can work with you to achieve your orthodontic goals. Call us at (617) 268-1030 to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.