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braces or invisalign

Braces or Invisalign – Which Option is Best?

We all want straight teeth to help us achieve our perfect smile— this is why we seek out orthodontic treatment. But what sort of options are there? Dentists use many techniques, with traditional braces and INVISALIGN being two treatments of choice. Both approaches work to straighten teeth and place them in proper position, serving to improve patient […]

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how do your genes affect your dental health

5 Ways Genes Can Affect Your Oral Health

Scientists for the most part have identified what causes cavities but studies show that there are some genetic risk factors that could make people more at risk for cavities. 1. Genetic sweet tooth Scientists have found a gene variant that’s associated with sweetness preference. If someone is genetically wired to prefer sweet things they are […]

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How to Choose Your Dentist

Are you choosing your dentist the right way? Websites such as Amazon and Expedia.com have trained us to be price analysts in our search for the perfect product. We expect to be able to use filters to instantly find the most bang for our buck – a process that works for purchasing shoes, air travel, […]

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